MANIPURA DESIGNS is a jewelry brand and creative project founded by Monika Żukiewicz.

Distinct and elegant creations made for women by women.

Dedicated to design and quality.

​Born from the belief that luxury should be enjoyed by all.

As a modern collection rooted in timeless sensibility, the brand offers globally inspired designs. 

A brand by women and for women, all the collections are entirely designed & handcrafted by local artisans.

Whether meant to be a gift or enjoyed by oneself, a piece from MANIPURA DESIGNS is sure to make a statement, made with love, care and attention to detail.

I graduated from the Faculty of Design at the JDMIS, Jewellery Design and Management International School in Singapore and founded a brand of jewellery, which has become my way of creative realization as well as an important component of identity.

Manipura is a Polish-French brand with an international reach, developed organically on the basis of our knowledge and experience, but also our intuition as well as the commitment and love that we have put into this project every day for several years.

My goal is to create jewellery that is always up-to-date. That is why we use materials that have meaning and value, and when designing, we draw on the classics and traditions. In our company we are distinguished by a unique approach to customers, based on respect and commitment to each order.

The Core series confirms the direction in which I am heading as designer - a timeless classic with a bit of modern touch, crafted of the most precious materials. My goal is to create jewellery that thanks to its quality will be able to accompany you throughout your life. Therefore, once again we release the collection available in silver and gold, choosing natural stones. We are seeking harmony between functionality and strong colour accents.



Manipura designs aim to express a modern and timeless sense of purely artisanal luxury and a love for the handmade.

Quality design
Manipura’s creations are driven by a desire to give each piece of jewellery its own unique spirit.  Our jewels are made with high-quality materials and are handmade to achieve a natural look and feel. Special care is given to every detail.

Handcrafted excellence is a staple in our work. Manipura products are made with traditional techniques. Each piece of jewelry is precisely hand made by talented craftsmanships who pay attention to every detail, artisans that share their commitments and passion for a refined and unique craft.

I strongly believe that the uniqueness and authenticity of my designs could only be conveyed by making each of the pieces by hand. I trust the final beauty of a piece is a sum of all the passion and strength involved in its creation.

Stones and materials
Our materials are sourced from the world over, from Europe to South America and Southeast Asia. Pearls, crystals, lapis lazuli, turquoise, labradorite, amethyst,  quartz, moonstone… Stones and symbols, transform our jewellery into travel diaries.

Much effort has been made to ensure that quality materials have been used. We insist on using fine metals, gold, durable 925 silver-rhodium-plated, gold-filled and gold-plated findings and elements.

The art of combinations
Manipura designs go beyond the pre-established fashions. The basic elements such as crystals, gemstones, pearls, silver and gold chain, precious alloys, silver and gold-plated metals undergo a transformation, blending couture and jewellery. We enrich them with hand embroidery and wrap crystals, pearls and gems in silk and cotton.

Woven together, silver and cotton, pearls and silk, crystals and threads become intertwined. East and West, past and present, soft and hard all merge for a joyous fusion of cultures and materials.


Manipura is where we burn through our passions and desires in order to become a completely realised individual.             Carl  Jung

Manipura is a jewelry brand founded by Monika Żukiewicz.

Manipura born out of my passion and desire to create. 

Passionate about jewelry and design. Trained as a jewelry designer learning gemology, metalsmithing, technical drawing and computer-aided design. I created a unique line of jewellery that embodies elegant earrings, trendy bracelets and timeless necklaces.

Inspired by art and architecture. By various cultures from around the world and my travels, a constant source of inspiration, I design pieces of jewellery that combine cultural elements found worldwide with a modern European influence.

Every product has its own story. Materials and stones are carefully selected from sources around the world and incorporated into each piece to create a chic and glamorous look.

What inspires me? The raw, imperfect beauty of the natural world. The strength and spirit of the people I meet, and the places I have been fortunate to visit. I hope my designs give you the confidence to form your own personal vision of style.


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