1. How to take care of Manipura jewelry?

Special care is required due to the materials used in the manufacturing Manipura jewelry. In order to avoid Manipura jewelry being mechanically or chemically damaged you must not expose it to :

  •          Contact with detergents
  •          Strong cosmetics, like perfumes
  •          Contact with water

We advise you to keep your Manipura jewelry encased in the soft cotton bags and lined boxes specially designed for this purpose. Dirty silver or gold-plated elements can be cleaned using appropriate products and wiped with soft cloth after rinsing.


  1. How to adjust the strings?


The string is adjustable by mean of the two sliding little knots. They allow you to choose the size of the bracelet or necklace according to your needs.


  1. Is there a possibility to buy another buckle or pendant for already existing bracelet?


In order to add an element to an already existing bracelet, we kindly ask you to send the letter at:


Ul. Rydygiera 13B/83

01-793 Warszawa


The bracelet with the requested element will be sent back at the address indicated by you on the same day. You will be charged with the cost of the new element or buckle and the delivery costs.


Bank account: PL58 10501025 1000 0097 0218 1836

ING Bank Śląski


  1. What is the maximum order processing time?


5 working days. However, Manipura’s team does all its best to make awaiting time as short as possible.


  1. Can a delivery be send elsewhere in Europe?


Yes, it can.

In Europe, the delivery cost is 5, Outside of Europe, the delivery cost is 20.


  1.     What do I do if I want to change a string or element having already placed an order?


There is no possibility to make changes online to an order which has already been placed. Should you need to make any changes please contact us immediately at contact@manipuradesigns.com