“City of Jewels” Mani = gem, jewel and Pūra = place, city, in which we find the pearls of clarity, self-confidence and self-esteem. A name in Sanskrit, which represents the core of our personality.
Manipura is all about our personal power and the perception of who we are. It is the centre of our energy and our achievement. It indicates development and action.

I hope Manipura jewellery will help to best reflect the personalities of every woman. I wish our jewels for every woman that wants to value herself and her work. I trust it will serve as a reminder to every women to hold onto her beliefs. I hope it will further inspire her to chase her dreams and passion.
The woman who inspires me is feminine. Sensual and elegant. She is authentic and natural. I wish to bring to every woman timeless designs that will add radiance and style to their lives.


THE CELEBRATION OF ELEGANCE, STYLE AND FINESSE Manipura designs aim to express a modern and timeless sense of purely artisanal luxury and a love for the handmade.

Quality design
Manipura’s creations are driven by a desire to give each piece of jewellery its own unique spirit.  Our jewels are made with high-quality materials and are handmade to achieve a natural look and feel. Special care is given to every detail. I strongly believe that the uniqueness and authenticity of my designs could only be conveyed by making each of the pieces by hand. I trust the final beauty of a piece is a sum of all the passion and strength involved in its creation.

Stones and materials
Our materials are sourced from the world over, from Europe to South America and Southeast Asia. Pearls, crystals, lapis lazuli, turquoise, labradorite, amethyst,  quartz, moonstone… Stones and symbols, transform our jewellery into travel diaries. Much effort has been made to ensure that quality materials have been used. We insist on using fine metals, durable 925 silver-rhodium-plated and gold filled and gold-plated findings and elements.

The art of combinations
Manipura designs go beyond the pre-established fashions. The basic elements such as crystals, gemstones, pearls, silver and gold chain, precious alloys, silver and gold-plated metals undergo a transformation, blending couture and jewellery. We enrich them with hand embroidery and wrap crystals, pearls and gems in silk and cotton.

Woven together, silver and cotton, pearls and silk, crystals and threads become intertwined. East and West, past and present, soft and hard all merge for a joyous fusion of cultures and materials. This is a rare beauty.


“Manipura is where we burn through our passions and desires in order to become a completely realised individual “ Carl Jung Manipura born out of the passion and desire to create. It expresses the love for design and creation.

Passionate about jewellery and design. Trained as a jewellery designer learning gemology, metalsmithing, technical drawing and computer-aided design. I created a unique line of jewellery that embodies elegant earrings, trendy bracelets and timeless necklaces.

Inspired by art and architecture. By various cultures from around the world and my travels, a constant source of inspiration, I design pieces of jewellery that combine cultural elements found worldwide with a modern European influence.

Every product has its own story. Materials and stones are carefully selected from sources around the world and incorporated into each piece to create a chic, glamorous look for the woman who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Take a look… fall in love… and let it glow.


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